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Anaerobic adhesive Hantec-277B


Product Introduction 

Hantec-277B Anaerobic adhesive is high strength, high viscosity, excellent chemical resistance, suitable for active metal surface, used for permanent locking and sealing of threads under M36. 


Main technical parameters 


Chemical/solvent resistance 



a) Grease should be removed and cleaned at the glue-coated parts. Metal cleaner is recommended; b) Uniformly apply the glue solution to the joint part of the workpiece and assemble it according to the conventional method; c)Set at room temperature for 24 hours; d)If stored for a long time, shake well when used. 


Matters need attention 

A) Do not pour the poured gel solution back into the original bottle to avoid contaminating the gel solution. B) This product contains acrylic acid and hydroxypropyl methacrylate, which can irritate the skin and eyes. C) In case of accidental contact with eyes and skin when using this product, rinse immediately with clean water. D) This product should not be used on plastics.


a) Store in a cool and dry place at 8 ~ 28℃. 

b) Shelf life: two years 


Packing specification 

50g/piece;250 g/piece 


*Note: The performance data above are typical data measured in a laboratory environment with temperature of 25℃ and humidity of 70%. They are only for reference and cannot be guaranteed to be achieved in a specific environment. Please refer to the actual test data when using. 

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